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Dec. 23rd, 2010

Dale was barely dressed as he rushed around in a fuss. He had bits of wrapping paper stuck to him. There were a couple of dolls around the room and an assortment of other gifts, the room looked like a little girls perfect Christmas had exploded in the room.

"So not right" he pouted as he sat down rubbing the back of his neck in frustration. "dammit dammit DAMMIT"

The Body

Scar stomach from Scaffolding explosion, he was impaled

A tattoo of a mouse climbing a ladder up his spine. The ladder about 5 inches long, and the mouth about an inch. Right arse cheek a Chip monk biting his bum, left butt another chipmunk, with a red nose hanging on.

A scar on the Back from a knife fight, stab wound.

Several long lash scars on his upper back from a whip.

A bullet scar on his left thigh from being shot.

Burn scar on his upper chest, from molten metal.

Upper chest a tattoo of a number B4H3-XY-B

Pierced nipple, left.

Scar, right palm. [Faint, he had it professionally treated unlike most of the others, from a nail]

Calf, knife slash.

Teeth scar on his left butt cheek. [Best not to ask]

If asked he'll admit he's broken, or cracked nearly every bone in his body.

Shoulder, gunshot (New wound)

Many scars have smaller insignificant ones around them from taking too long to heal, or his attempt at patching himself up.


Jul. 21st, 2010

Stash bought, Dale, as promised returned to what he was thinking of as 'the scene of the crime'. It felt a little that way.

But at the same time. He felt far from welcome. So instead of going to the door and knocking, he sat down in the Front Garden, and lit up a cigerrette. He was there.

He felt, for now, that would be enough.


The Drop point

Dale couldn't believe he'd gotten into this mess. SO much for rescuing Gadget. He'd just gone and made it all worse, Chip had more people to rescue assuming he bothered with him. He was pretty sure last time he'd gotten in trouble Chip had said he wouldn't help.
He knew what he was about to say was one of the greatest movie cliche's but that didn't stop him "You'll not get away with this Fatso" he said struggling alittle. His ribs were killing him, but he wasn't about to let Fatcat see that. "If you let Gadget go now, Chip might not make you pay!" he added helpfully, although they all knew that was a lie.
"Let her go I'll tell you where the Caviar got taken...." he teased with a laugh.

Dear Diary.......

So far so Good

Gadget and Chip haven't found out about the incident with the tree and the car. I've got to be in the clear now. Once the broken rib(s) heal. I'm completely clear. GO me!

Still there's a few details to iron out......


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